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“Three words: Best. Day. Ever.”

That’s the sentence that put me over the 50,000 word mark, half an hour before the end of NaNoWriMo. How appropriate!

I probably would not have crossed that finish line if I hadn’t discovered something: I have a muse, and that muse is a person. I sent each chapter to my person Yasamin as I finished them, and in turn she showered me with enthusiasm, encouragement, and ideas about what she wanted me to write next. This forced me to write something good instead of my usual NaNo fare (i.e. bizarre, verbose, and cringe-worthy) and I have every intention of publishing this novel.

If you’re a writer having a bit of trouble with motivation, do you have someone you know will love your story? Maybe sharing as you go is the key to staying excited and getting it done.

My novel is not done, though, because 50k is short for a novel and I am wordy, so I am going to keep on writing to the end. Meanwhile… hello again, blog. Long time no see.

2 Responses to “Three words: Best. Day. Ever.”

  1. I have been thinking for more than a year. It had taken me off from writing. Actually it’s the fourth time that happened to me. And in addition, I had taken my eyes off from the prize too many times.

    When your head is rattling, your noggin starts to feel hollow.

    Speaking of which, a friend once told me a long time ago.

    “when you write make every word count. Weave the words together and keep the writing tight.”

  2. I completed the NaNoWriMo twice and it always was a great deal of fun! Also, it’s freeing to cross one’s creative “limits” once in a while. The NaNoWriMo totally showed me how much creative work I could actually get done – I still benefit from that.

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