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The shower experiment: one week in

Last week I stopped using soap and shampoo as an experiment, and now that I’m well into my novel for Camp NaNoWriMo, I thought I’d take a break and let you know how it’s going.

As of last night, I hadn’t used soap for eight days, and I hadn’t used shampoo for twelve days, since I’d already been gradually cutting back on shampoo for a while. During the week I went out in the sun now and then, went for walks, did bodyweight workouts, and was around people, both my family and the general public, so it was a pretty fair experiment. I didn’t just sit in my room on my computer all day where there’s no way to get dirty and no one to care if I’m clean.

I hardly noticed any difference when it comes to the soap, except that I only did the initial rinsing step and didn’t follow up with the soaping step, which made my showers a bit quicker. I didn’t notice myself smelling bad even if I was sweating. Something I didn’t explain in my last post is that when I talk about soap I currently mean body wash, because I’m using up the last inch of a bottle of Irish Spring I got a couple years ago. I do have a bar of soap, or rather a “body bar” since most popular soap nowadays doesn’t even contain actual soap. It’s also Irish Spring. I brought it to Britain for when we stayed in the hostel. My plan was to use up the body wash first, then use up the bar, then probably have a new plan so that I don’t have to use anything but water anymore. I think I’ve accelerated that plan with this experiment.

This morning I used shampoo, because my hair was getting sticky and weird, which means I’m still in my transition period. I’ve found that with my new short haircut the transition period is less gross because the oils act like hairspray and if I push my hair around, it almost stays where I put it. With long hair the top was greasy and the rest was fine, which is not a good look.

My plan from here on is to continue lengthening the time between shampoo uses until I don’t need it anymore. Thirteen days, here I come? Maybe I can go even longer this time! As for soap, I guess I don’t need it, so I’m not going to use it. I’ll just keep the Irish Spring for guests and for times when I get something on me that water won’t clean, if such a thing should ever occur. Or I could give it away. Let me know if you want it, haha.

One thing I’m going to keep in mind is that I didn’t go to work this week, and my job is a relatively physical warehouse/assembly thing where I usually sweat a lot. I use deodorant on those days. I’ve decided that for this experiment, when I work I will use baking soda in the morning instead of deodorant and see what happens. Will baking soda alone be enough? Let’s find out.

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