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Sparkling teeth and godly breath (Lush Toothy Tabs review)

On my post about toothbrushes, Jami asked about my choice of toothpaste. It’s a good question, since most toothpaste is either packaged in plastic or full of ingredients I don’t particularly want in my mouth. I haven’t used toothpaste for a couple of years now, preferring to brush with just water. I do, however, have a box of Lush Toothy Tabs on hand for those times when my teeth could use a little whitening or my breath could use a little freshening. If you’re concerned about toothpaste’s chemicals or packaging (or you just want something solid to get you through airport security with less hassle), Toothy Tabs might be exactly what you need.

Toothy Tabs are little tablets that you crunch up between your teeth, and when you get your brush wet and start brushing, the crunched up stuff mixes with the water and turns into foam. You then proceed to brush as you would with toothpaste. They come in a cardboard box with a sticker on it with the name of the person that made them. They’ve got baking soda in them, so they really work, but they don’t taste disgusting like plain baking soda does (tried it once — never again).

The flavor I have is Breath of God, which tastes like sandalwood, fennel, and vanilla instead of the usual mint. I like it a lot. I’m not a big fan of mint and I wanted to try something a little different. One advantage to Breath of God is that it doesn’t clash with food, if you happen to be like me and brush your teeth before you eat breakfast sometimes. I may try some other variety next time, like Sparkle, just to see if it’s even more effective at whitening, which is the reason I use Toothy Tabs in the first place.

It’ll be a while before I need a new box, though, because I use maybe one tablet a week, and there are 42 in a box. I still brush with water most of the time. I think that toothpaste, like shampoo and deodorant and every other hygiene product, is way overrated. Our bodies are not as filthy as we seem to think they are. Washing with water generally gets the job done. Now that I have adjusted to plain water and no longer need them to stay clean, these products feel like the luxury that they are, and I use them sparingly and enjoy them much more than I did when I used them every day.

I also just really like that the flavor is called Breath of God. Nothing like godly breath to give you that extra bit of confidence, am I right?

3 Responses to Sparkling teeth and godly breath (Lush Toothy Tabs review)

  1. Hmm, not a fan of minty things in the first place so maybe I’ll try out ‘Sparkle’ or ‘Chou Chou… I Love You’ seeing as they’re the more fruitier flavours.
    (My dad likes washing his hair with soap! Haha, all-in-one I guess…)
    Thanks for the review! I’ll definitely try some of these out.

  2. hi i have tried sparkle and it tastes absolutely disgusting!!!! i wouldn’t recommend it one bit and so far I haven’t seen a great deal of teeth whitening at all and i think I’m going to have to stop using them coz they taste to gross i might try another one like ultra blast or something but i don’t recommend them and also they do have a best before date and they are best used fresh so make sure u r weary of that

  3. The Breath of God toothy tabs don’t taste the best but they get the job done, it leaves next to no flavour in your mouth so you can drink and eat straight after using. It gives your breath a nice scent that isn’t heavy at all which comes in quite useful

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