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7 tips for the professional night owl

When I was in college, I stayed awake all night through sheer willpower and orneriness. Now that I work the night shift and I’m actually supposed to stay up all night, it’s not quite that simple. Here some tips I have learned for staying awake when it’s your job, not your rebellion. Sleep during the… Continue Reading

In which I face my death

“Whoa, something’s not right,” I said. My foot was on the brakes, and halfway down the pressure vanished and the pedal sank effortlessly to the floor. I slammed the pedal down again. The car kept rolling. If reading that scared you, I have two things to say: Good. That’s the point. I’m sorry I scared… Continue Reading

You don’t have to let it scare you

I was on my way home from work, fuzzy from want of sleep and listening to a good song, when an eighteen-wheeler drove up beside me and I found myself looking at a ten foot tall picture of an arm being swabbed for an injection. My heart shivered, fingers tingled, hands went weak on the… Continue Reading