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My partner’s Lush collection

I realize that I may sound overly zealous when I tell you about the Lush products I own myself, so I decided to give you a quick overview of my thoughts after trying out my partner’s entire collection – which is, as you will see, more extensive than my own. I introduced her and now we’re both addicted.

Sparkle Toothy Tabs: These are flavored with lemon, grapefruit, and vanilla, but there is a hint of black pepper that leaves your mouth feeling… well, hot, I guess. It’s not my favorite sensation, and it isn’t my partner’s, either, so she’s going to finish her box and try a different flavor next time. Our goal is to try them all. So far, Breath of God gets a thumbs up and Sparkle gets a thumbs down from us.

Lust perfume: This is supposed to smell like jasmine, roses, vanilla, and other stuff, but the other stuff is almost completely covered by the jasmine, which is by no means a bad thing. It’s my partner’s signature scent. It’s amazing, actually – I walked outside my door one day and was confused when I smelled my partner on the breeze, and I looked around to see where she was and saw the jasmine bushes. Seriously. It’s that realistic.

Anyway, perfume is not my thing, but if it was, I would get one from Lush. They’re solid instead of liquid, and they come in a container like a short, thick tube of lipstick that you rub on your skin. It looks like one tube is going to last her for a good long time.

Godiva shampoo: The day I tried this, I kept running my hands through my hair because it was so soft. My own shampoo, Squeaky Green, leaves my hair soft, but I think Godiva might actually make it softer. The whole point of Godiva is that it’s moisturizing, after all. But it smells like jasmine – sensing the theme? – and I have a silly attachment to scent and would rather not co-opt my partner’s.

One thing I did notice was that my partner’s shampoo felt a lot squishier than mine, and that it seems to be disappearing faster. There are a few possible reasons for this:

  1. Maybe she uses it a lot more often than me (probably true).
  2. Maybe my bathroom is dryer than hers and the steam is causing hers to melt.
  3. Maybe it’s because Godiva just melts faster than Squeaky Green, which is possible since it’s composed of different stuff.
  4. Maybe it’s because she had used it recently, so when I got it wet again and used it, it got squishy.

Anyway, Godiva is great, but for silly smell reasons I will let my partner keep it for herself.

Jungle conditioner: The first time I tried this, I rubbed it on my hands first like I would with a shampoo bar, but it didn’t work. Then my partner informed me that you’re supposed to rub the bar directly onto your hair, so the second time I tried it I did that, and it worked. It worked really, really well, probably better than any conditioner I’ve ever used. It also has a cool smell, being made of cocoa butter and a whole bunch of fruit like bananas, avocados, and kiwis. If I used conditioner I would get this one since it’s the only solid conditioner I’ve seen.

Lust soap: You know how some soaps leave a kind of tackiness after you use them? I grew up with Dove Ivory soap, which doesn’t do that, so I don’t like using any soap that does. It feels like I can’t wash it off. I have this lingering bar of Irish Spring soap that leaves that same feeling and I never use it. Lust soap smells like (surprise!) Lust perfume, and it’s supposed to have a calming effect. Maybe that’s true. But since it leaves that tacky feeling, I don’t think I would use it for myself. Then again, I don’t use any kind of soap anymore, so that’s fine.

T’eo deodorant: There used to be three kinds of solid deodorant from Lush. Aromarant (my own, which is no longer available) and Aromaco are very similar in consistency and texture. They are somewhat like a bar of soap. T’eo, on the other hand, is a powdery white oval with a layer of blue waxy stuff on the bottom to help hold it together. It smells like citrus, which is awesome, and it lasts for a long time – I could smell it in my shirt literally a week after I tried it – but I like Aromarant better, because it’s a bit neater. With T’eo, if you don’t keep it in a container or wrapped up in a cloth, you might find white powder everywhere, and it kind of made a powdery mess when I tried to apply it dry. With Aromarant, it works better if I apply it to wet underarms, but it still does work if I use it dry.

Thing is, since Aromarant has been discontinued I am going to have to find a replacement eventually. Granted, eventually may be a long way off, since my current bar is just over halfway gone and has lasted… I don’t know… a year. Just thinking ahead. I wasn’t particularly enamored with Aromaco’s scent in the store. My partner says that T’eo irritates her skin, but since it didn’t irritate mine she may just give it to me.

So you see, I’m not infatuated with every single Lush product ever. Just… some of them.

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