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I smell awesome (Lush Aromarant review)

The other day I noticed my stick of Degree deodorant lying, abandoned and sad, on my dresser. I hadn’t used it for months. So I decided to put it on, just to see.

I used to think that this deodorant smelled nice and clean. Now it smelled like death — like toxins in my blood and in the water, like birds choking on plastic packaging, like chemicals and “fragrance” and I’m-insecure-in-my-masculinity. (I’m not a man, but sometimes I like to express a little masculinity. No matter what I wear, I’m dressed in drag.)

If you feel this way about commercial deodorants, too, and you’re looking for an alternative, I may have a solution for you.

Deodorants by Lush

Most of the time I don’t use deodorant at all, but now and then I want to use a little something. Maybe I want to wear a shirt for a few more days before it goes in the laundry, maybe I’m going to sweat a lot at work, maybe I want to spruce up a bit for a party or an interview, or maybe I just want to smell nice today. Baking soda is what I use if I’m going to sweat a lot at work, because the goal is to avoid smelling bad (though my co-workers probably wouldn’t notice or care… it’s mostly for my own peace of mind). But what if I want to add some smell? Baking soda won’t help me there.

Enter Aromarant. (Instead of de-odor-ant, a removal of odor, it’s an addition of aroma!) Lush has a few different types of deodorants, some of which are powders that you use just like baking soda, some of which are solid blocks that you rub on. I wanted a solid one because they come packaged in paper, while the powders come in plastic containers. Besides, if I want to use a powder, I’ll just use baking soda.

I visited the Lush store instead of buying online because I am very sensitive about smells, and it’s a good thing I did, because the smells were not what I expected.

  • T’eo is supposed to smell like tea tree and citrus. I have no idea if this was true or not, but it was very, very strong, and it reminded me of baby powder, or some kind of cleaning solution. Not really for me.
  • Aromaco smells like patchouli. I figured it would be the strongest smell of the solid deodorants, but it was the mildest. I liked the smell but it wasn’t strong enough for me. Again, if my goal is just to kill bad odors, I can use baking soda.
  • Aromarant smells like sandalwood and lemongrass. I love it. I kept opening the package to catch a whiff of it on the trip home. It’s strong and sort of earthy, and it goes well with my natural scent. When I wear it, I want to smell myself all the time. I store mine in my dresser drawer, on top of my handkerchiefs, and it makes everything in there smell great.

When you buy from the Lush store, they usually cut a small chunk from their big deodorant block behind the counter and sell it to you by weight. The block I bought was actually from their display, not from behind the counter. It was about three inches square and cost me about $6, which I personally think is a good deal for an environmentally-friendly deodorant that smells this amazing. I’ve used a small corner of mine so far. I’ll be sure to update this review when the block is gone to let you know how long it lasted, though if you use your deodorant every day, it won’t last nearly as long as mine will.

Use and care

I was uncertain about applying it, at first. It seemed very dry and rough, because my block had dried a bit on the outside while on display. How was it even going to go on? Was it going to clump up in my underarm hair and be gross? Was it going to scratch me? One reviewer on YouTube suggested cutting off the dry parts, but Lush never said anything about that, and I wasn’t about to waste any if I could help it.

The first few swipes were a bit hard and crusty feeling, but it didn’t scratch me, and once I had wiped away the dry surface and reached the smooth inside it was great. It does leave some clumps in my hair, but after an hour or two these clumps melt and I’m left with just the scent — the aroma, as it were. It doesn’t leave marks on my clothes, as far as I have noticed.

As I mentioned, I keep my deodorant in my dresser drawer, on top of my handkerchiefs. (I feel like an aristocrat when I blow my nose, because a scented handkerchief? Hahaha!) I keep it wrapped in the paper they gave me when I bought it.

You don’t want to keep Lush deodorants in the bathroom, because they might soak up steam and get mushy, or they might pick up bad smells. I have noticed, however, that if I’m using one of the dry edges of the block, it goes on a lot easier if my underarm hair is wet. Just make sure you keep it in a cool, dry place and you should be fine.


This deodorant makes me extremely happy. It does exactly what I want. The only drawback is that I may be seen sniffing myself in public because I smell so great. No regrets.

If you use deodorant, what do you use? Are you happy with it? Ever tried Lush?

4 Responses to I smell awesome (Lush Aromarant review)

  1. I stopped using “normal” deodorant a year ago after reading about how icky all the chemicals are. Now I use the roll-on liquid crystal deodorants from theallnaturalface.com. The first one I used was lavender, and that was wonderful. Now I use patchouli, and apparently it’s very strong. I could smell it on me at first, but after a while of using it you sort of get used to it and everyone else can smell you. I love it though, and since patchouli is such an earthy smell, if it is strong I can’t imagine people around me are terribly bothered by it.

    My old roommate used Lush deodorants, but I’ve never tried them. It seemed like she would get stinky (not terribly stinky, so it wasn’t a problem) after working out, whereas I don’t. But then again, we’re two different people and I barely sweat despite not using an antiperspirant. I’d like to try them, since you avoid nasty plastic packaging with them.

    • I looked at crystal deodorants at first, but I had no idea if they actually worked or where to get them, so I went to baking soda. Then I never bothered looking back. Do they last a long time? I read that they last a ridiculously long time.

      • A long time as in time between having to buy a new one or a long time as in do they last all day? Either way, yeah. It took me nearly a year to use up the first one which was 2oz. And that was wearing it every day minus maybe a few days of forgetting. And the one I bought was about $5-6 ($4.60+shipping), so that’s not bad in my book. And it doesn’t wear off in the day either.

        I’ve always wondered about baking soda by itself. I was on this super-natural kick for a while and was using it for a lot of things (shampoo, cleaning things, etc.). I’m still somewhat obsessed with it. It’s like magic.

        • Oh, yeah, a long time before having to buy a new one. That’s cool. I may have to try that sometime.

          Baking soda is magic! I tried to use it for toothpaste one time, ha. That didn’t work because it was way too salty and I kept gagging.

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