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I just got used to writing 2013 and now it’s over

It’s a blogger’s prerogative to write these “year in review” posts. Bear with me, friends. Actually, I got some stuff done this year, wow…

  • I went to my first asexuality meetup in Boston
  • I created the San Diego Aces group and hosted a meetup
  • I finally went to the beach – the waves are the best here!
  • My partner and I finished a draft of our collaborative novel, and started writing the sequel!
  • My partner and I drove to San Francisco for my third Night of Writing Dangerously
  • I joined a writing group with my fellow San Diego Wrimos, and we continued meeting after NaNo was over
  • I stopped my lifelong bad habit of chewing my tongue
  • I started singing (badly) and running (slowly)
  • I put $3,000 in my savings account
  • I read over 50 books (62 to be precise)
  • I wrote a song that’s actually kind of good

Some of the happiest times of my life happened this year! There were hard times too, of course, but on the whole I’m quite proud, and I’m so ready to find out what 2014 brings. Let’s get to it.

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